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is the base version. It contains all primary functions needed to enhance the performance of the co-driver during a rally. Its illuminated keys and clear LED-display makes it a very user friendly instrument in a rally car. Remote reset function for the tripmeter is standard. No prevented maintenance is needed for the system. All calibration values are stored without internal or external batteries. If needed the tripmeter toggles its counting direction when reversing.


Remote reset button (white)

Technical specification

Power supply10 to 15 or 20 to 28 volt
Operating temperature-25oC to +85oC
Shock100 g
Dimensions (w * h * d)128 x 45 x 52 mm (without connector)
Weight330 g
(including pulse generator and cables: 450 g - 600 g depending on type of car)

C-rally has the following buttons and corresponding functions:

TRIP 1-key Trip meter (trip. 1)
Memory register. This register may be used as 'DISPLAY OFF'
Figure 1
TRIP 2-key Trip meter (trip. 2)
SS time
Average speed
Required average speed to keep target time on section
Maximum speed
Distance to use when estimating time of arrival
Scheduled target time
Estimated time of arrival
Figure 2
SPEED-key Current speed
Scheduled speed for the "PILOT"
Trip meter (trip. 3)
Speed threshold
Figure 3
SET-key Initiate input of a value
Confirm input of a value
TIME-key Clock with a format of 23.59.59 and a resolution of 1 s
Clock with a format of 59.59.95 and a resolution of 0.05 s
Figure 4
FUEL-key Amount of fuel left
Figure 5
PILOT-key Time ahead or delayed in respect to the scheduled average speed
Figure 6
CAL-key Calibrate distance
Calibrate fuel
Calibrate time
Set desired units for distance and speed
Figure 0
BREAK-key Cancel current operation. Initiate the instrument
ADD/--key Reverse counting direction
Show stored values for fuel
Feed a minus sign
Add values
HALT-key Stop counting
Figure 7
+-key Set positive counting direction
Show stored values for fuel
Figure 8
SPLIT-key Freeze all values
Figure 9
RESET-key Reset a register to zero
Cancel input


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